Anime gataris added four new casts in upcoming anime movie
The anime gataris movie which is yet to be released has added these new cast to their upcoming release:


Maya Asagaya (VA: Inori Minase)

Minoa’s older sister. She is a 3rd-12 months scholar at a excessive faculty in Tokyo and belongs to the lacrosse crew. She wakes Minoa up everyday. She is a gentle sister who cares for her sibling. She watched anime while she changed into a infant and has most effective commenced looking it once more currently because Minoa joined the anime research club.

Ai Asagaya (VA: Ai Kakuma)

Minoa’s mother. Even even though she become energetic as an entertainer, she all at once retired and married Shugo. She is specially correct at dancing, and even after retiring, she now and again creates new choreographies for pals. She normally calls Shugo ‘Papa’ but whilst they may be alone, she calls him Shugo-kun. Recently, she were given into jar salads after being encouraged via her other mama-friends. She is a lovely and being concerned mother.

Shugo Asagaya (VA: Kenta Zaima)

Minoa’s father. He works at a massive publishing organisation. He is a totally ordinary papa in every thing, however these days it's miles hard for him to maintain up along with his daughters because he might be laid off. He is interested by Minoa’s club sports.

Neko Senpai (VA: Hironori Kondo)

He’s a strange, mysterious cat-like creature that lives inside the anime studies membership room and may talk the human language. He is going via many different names. Only Minoa appears in an effort to recognize him. His favorite things are canned cat food and fish.
Anime Gataris

Anime-Gataris is an authentic anime scheduled to begin in Fall 2017!


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